If We Build It...They Will Come.
Question: Has anyone else grown weary of hearing, “Memphis is a City with a great deal of potential.” 

Question: Is anyone else weary of living in a City with, “Permanent Potential?” I admit I’ve grown tired of living in a City with permanent potential.  So what are we/i going to do about it?

Question: Anybody remember the Movie, “Field of Dreams?”  Kevin Costner was told, “If you build it, they will come.” They were speaking of a Baseball diamond and Baseball Players in the movie. 
For our consideration today, I want us to contemplate the kind of prudential, providential, kinetic planning and execution required to develop and build a, “World Class Workforce.” 

If we build it, they will come.  Now, how about assigning some antecedents for the pronoun, “They?” THEY represent the high wage manufacturing jobs, which will be attracted by a world class workforce. THEY represent the decision makers at manufacturing companies, who will realize that Memphis will be a place where they can manufacture their products and move them to the consumers of the world via Memphis’ transportation sources of “Railway, Runway, Road, and River.”  THEY represent the investors, who will consistently bet on a community with a world class workforce and citizens with a strong work ethic.  We already have much of the infrastructure necessary to make these, “Memphis Missions” firm realities.

Now, this is not a microwave process.  This will take time.  This may take a generation to accomplish. But, we cannot begin at an earlier date.  Let’s go Memphis/Shelby County!