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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Artizan Constructors named 2014 Minority Business of the Year

Each year the Mid-South Minority Business Council (MMBC) recognizes strides in minority economic development. The Minority Business of the Year Award is presented to a certified minority or women-owned business that is nominated by a MMBC corporate member. The nominees have demonstrated growth in sales and employees while consistently providing quality products or services at a competitive price. 

With over 14 years of experience, Artizan Constructors provides a full range of services to our clients including New Construction, Remodeling, Construction Management, Design/Build and Post-Construction services while also specializing in the Drywall/Paint Interior Trades division. Headquartered in Memphis TN, Artizan Constructors has asserted itself as one of the premier drywall construction firms in the Mid-South by investing in people and employing leading experts in the Drywall Construction industry.
Throughout our company's history, Artizan has earned continued success by building collaborative relationships with our clients and operating under the founding principle, "Deliver the service and quality of work that makes our clients choose us for their next project." This principle is the foundation on which we have built our reputation. Our dedicated and highly-experienced associates are committed to delivering exceptional service and quality projects that exceed our client's expectations. On time and on budget.

BBA Lunch & Learn Presented by H&R Block

Wednesday December 10th, BBA will present the December Lunch & Learn brought to you by H&R Block. On December 10th, you will only have 20 days to still make a charitable contribution and get the tax break. 

The H&R Block tax professionals will talk about simple steps to lower a tax bill – like making a charitable donation, maximizing retirement contributions or paying a mortgage or student loan bill a little early. They will also give viewers advice on what to do in the last month of the year to lower tax bills.

This Lunch & Learn will take place on Wednesday December 10th from 11:30 until 1pm at the Renaissance Business Center located at 555 Beale Street. There is no charge for this event and a light lunch will be served. Please RSVP for this event as space will be limited.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Government Should Pursue Pro-Business Job Creating Policies by Roby S. Williams

Last week, President Obama called on Internet providers to be regulated under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. This would lead to broadband providers being regulated based on policies developed during the Great Depression. His statement goes against a generation of bi-partisan agreement that established a system of light-touch government oversight.

The internet has flourished under this bi-partisan approach. In fact, private sector broadband providers have invested more than $1.3 trillion in our economy since 1996.

In this pro-business environment, a robust network has been built out across the nation, providing the vast majority of Americans – 99 percent – with access to broadband. These investments spurred the economy, and changed the way we live and the way we do business.

Businesses are growing and producing new high-paying jobs in part because high-speed connectivity has introduced them to new customers and enabled them to expand to new and larger markets.
At the same time, employees and workers are using broadband connectivity to further their educations and develop the skills they need to grow in their careers.

In short, this is one of the most successful areas in our economy, and at a time when many Americans continue to look for quality jobs and work to acquire higher skills to be prepared for better careers, we should be focused on policies that promote expanded deployment of broadband infrastructure and increased broadband adoption among consumers.

Unfortunately, what the President proposed last week – aggressive government control and regulation of the Internet sphere – would lead to the opposite. His proposal would lead to a system that would cause tremendous disruptions in the market and one that – if followed by the FCC – would stifle our economy, impair innovation, jeopardize private investment in vital infrastructure, and hamstring an energetic and thriving component of our economy.

Unsurprisingly, a bi-partisan chorus of rebukes followed the President’s statement.
Tennessee’s own former Representative Harold Ford, Jr., remarked that an approach akin to that proposed by the President would lead to unprecedented government interference in the Internet, hurt consumers and innovation, and threaten millions of jobs.

In addition, the President’s misguided proposal also includes wireless providers, and in recent years, the wireless sector has done more to close the digital divide than any other broadband deployment effort.
Just as broadband is vital to businesses – opening up new markets and connecting customers to vital products and services – it is also essential in our homes.

Through wireless accessibility and smartphone innovations, broadband is more widely available, it is more affordable, and ever-greater numbers of Americans are adopting broadband each and every day.
People from all walks of life are using wireless broadband and technology to positively impact their lives – whether as business owners, through on-line education opportunities, or with telemedicine.
In short, broadband is essential to the way we live our lives today.

Our economy and our communities depend on a robust network, fueled by private investment, growing through constant enhancing and upgrading to meet growing consumer demands. Because of this, it is vital that our elected officials reject the President’s position on this issue and instead pursue and continue the policies that have brought us the Internet we all know and enjoy today, and that will encourage further investment in wired and wireless broadband accessibility and adoption.

As we continue to fight to strengthen our economy, create jobs, and provide opportunities for families across America, our leaders in Washington D.C., must pursue policies that encourage private investment, job creation, and business growth.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Government Contracting

Thursday, December 11th from 9a-11a
Renaissance Business Center, 555 Beale Street
The University of Tennessee's Procurement Technical Assistance Center (UT PTAC) will be in Memphis to advise small business owners on how to successfully compete for government contracts. Registration is required. Space is Limited. RSVP at (901) 526-9300.

How To Use Twitter for Business & Marketing

Thursday, December 4th from 9a-11a 
Renaissance Business Center, 555 Beale Street
Is Twitter a part of your social media strategy? Twitter can help you showcase your brand, build supporters for your products or services and help your business grow. Learn how to incorporate Twitter into your business social media strategy. Space is Limited. RSVP at (901) 526-9300.